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Air Sampler

Among our greatly desired product is the ADC-200 BobcatTM. It is a small, lightweight, and portable dry filter air sampler with a built-in tripod that actively collects viruses, bacteria and fungal spores from 100 LPM to 200 LPM. Sample recovery from the filter takes just seconds and results in a concentrated liquid sample of 6 ml that is ready for analysis using PCR or other molecular methods.

Bobcat Air Sampler
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  • Lightweight, only 7.8 lbs with battery.
  • Built-in tripod stand.
  • Omni-directional aerosol inlet.
  • Built-in mass flow sensor for consistent rates of up to 200 LPM.
  • 4 programmable run modes allow the user to balance collection rate with battery life. Run modes can be factory customized.
  • Disposable, single-use filter and elutor component-no need for decontamination
  • No liquids in the collector allow for use in extreme temperatures.
  • Eluting captured particles from the filter takes only few sconds.
  • Controls can be manipulated withn gloved hands, while in full NBC gear.
  • Rugged design for durability.
  • Optional remote trigger is available.

Testing Equipment Solutions


Imagine Science is a unit of Lynge Holdings Ltd specialized in capital equipment and instrumentation for laboratories of all sites. We strive to build a long-term relationship with both our customers and the manufacturers we represent.

We serve as major representatives for laboratory equipment sales and product support for customers in Kenya. Our customer base is curved out of industrial, research and biotechnology laboratories.

We boast a depth of knowledge and expertise in the products we offer and by providing prompt and effective response to customer needs, before, during and after purchase.

Construction Industry

Under this portfolio, we serve the needs of the building and construction industry to supply testing equipment for construction materials,
as well as spare parts for heavy plant equipment.

Material Testing


Lynge Holdings Ltd is a leading supplier of construction materials testing equipment.

We supply equipment for testing soil, concrete, asphalt and aggregate in construction projects. These projects include roads; dams; earthworks and

Our partners are known for manufacturing high-quality, competitively-priced equipment designed to comply with ASTM and AASHTO testing standards.

Spares for Heavy Plant Equipment


We stock an extensive range of spare parts for heavy plant equipment and constantly monitor our stock level to ensure that we can react quickly to provide the best possible service.

Major brands of excavators , bulldozers, backhoe loaders, graders, dumpers, tractors among others.