lynge Holdings

Lynge Holdings Limited is a private company registered in Kenya, with the core mission to provide quality and cost effective solutions  ranging from Forensic Analytics, Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences.

Our great pride, however, comes from the laboratory solutions we provide to our clients; providing high quality equipment and products.

We value customer relations and boost a significant widespread of clientele across various sectors...

Why Choose Lynge Holdings Limited

We cherish our relations with our client and look forward to strengthening our bonds,
through our reputable products and services.

  • Quality Products.
    Supply of products manufactured by world renowned companies with the highest standards of good manufacturing practices and certifications of approval i.e, CD, ISO, FDA, among others.

  • Competitive Pricing.

    We strive to provide cost effective solutions and offer extended special discount rates

  • Technical Back-up / After Sale Support.

    All our equipment are supplied under warranty, of which after expiry we recommend a service contract. Comprehensive maintenance is provided in order to avoid premature failure  of critical and expensive equipment and also to ensure optimum and trouble-free operation.

  • Reliable Stock Levels.

    We strive to deliver our orders within the stipulated time frame in order to meet or customers' expectations.

  • Customer Relations Services.

    Customer satisfaction is our foremost priority, our objective is to promptly respond to all our customers' needs. This personalized service helps to maintain our good customer relationships.

  • Value Added Services.

    These include consultancy on laboratory startup and design, flexible and customer friendly payment terms and repair.

  • Spare Parts.

    We keep adequate supply of spare parts in order to minimize downtime of equipment.

  • New Products Launch and Promotions.

    We keep focus on new technologies launches in our market segments and run market promotions to make awareness to our customers.